AzaBrasov - despre Aza Brasov

AzaBrasov - despre Aza Brasov

AzaBrasov - despre Aza Brasov

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About us

2005 was the year the company S.C. Aza Brasov S.R.L. was established by Mr. Marian Ioan Muntean. We started building family-type houses in Brasov, Romania. We repaired and reinforced numerous old houses whose bearing structure had been damaged, also renovating and refurbishing their interiors.

In 2006 our company assembled wood bungalows in the Alps, in France.

In 2007 we rehabilitated the water pipes for “Transilvania” University of Brasov – Memorandului Complex, we reinforced the bearing structure of the student canteen and we renovated the first floor of the same complex.

Starting with 2008, our company focused in Germany on the construction and assembling of industrial halls of concrete slabs and we executed works of reinforcement (reinforcing bars) casting for precast parts, concreting and finishing.
In 2008 as well, the company AZA BRASOV, represented by its skilled workers, got involved in various repairs and renovation works for several education institutions in Brasov city.

So far, we are keeping the pace you are used to, dealing at the same time with new projects that materialized due to trust and to the results of our work.


  • Meier Betonwerke GmbH – Germania
  • Seitz Gerüstbau GmbH – Germania
  • Schweiß und Konstruktionstechnik Endres GmbH – Germania
  • Endres Metallverarbeitung GmbH – Germania
  • NUSPL Maschinenbau GmbH – Germania
  • Pierre


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  3. OHSAS 18001:2008

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